Winter months have their own beauty – a flash of colour as a robin lands on a bird feeder, brilliant blue skies on a crisp sunny day, sun glistening on snow. And don’t forget the brave little snowdrops will show their heads as we struggle through January. Think of crisp winter walks and rosy cheeks! There’s a deliberate simplicity to this design.

The design on each side is random, so will definitely differ from the pictures. I can make this urn without any design if you prefer. The vessel in the pictures is made in natural undyed merino wool. However, I am happy to make it in a stark ice-white if you would prefer.

The lid for the Winter urn is more like a ‘stopper’ and due to its shape, it needs to be glued in place if you want to ensure your vessel cannot be opened. However, as the bag inside will be tied, you may prefer not to do this.

Well Urned Rest - Winter 0523.jpg


Overall height:         30cms including lid (usable height 20cms) 

Capacity:                    3litres (see notes on choosing the size of your urn)

Note: measurements are approximate due to the nature of handmade felt.  Size should be discussed with your funeral director if you are in doubt.

As with all my felt urns, the purchase price includes a small handmade book for memories or messages and soluble inner bag for ashes. The price also includes packaging and delivery. Whenever possible I use recycled packaging – please advise if you prefer new wrappings.  Please be sure to keep the ashes bag out of reach of children for safety reasons.

The little book will be either rectangular or square, depending on paper supplies and covered in creamy white felt or bright white if you have chosen that opetion. These books are created by a fellow feltmaker who loves making these coptic-bound books. The spine may be covered or open to show the details of the binding.