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I am a textile designer, with a special interest in wet-felting.  I am a member of the International Feltmakers’ Association and current chair of The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen. 

My influences are colour and nature.  I make mostly decorative items for the home and personal accessories with strong use of colour, which I have been selling under the name of flights-of-fantasy for some ten years.  I also teach felt-making.


Just over a year ago I was helping a friend choose a resting vessel for her mother. She wanted something she could keep at home and enjoy looking at, but something that could be buried at a later date, preferably bio-degradable.

In the end she settled on wood - being the nearest thing she could find to something bio-degradable and ‘softer’- although we looked at many beautiful designs in metal, stone and ceramics. There is an incredible choice when you start looking but few are eco-friendly! 

But I was left thinking that textiles should play their part.  And so, thirteen months on, I am launching Well Urned Rest – the soft option.


I would like to thank Darren Williams (www.urnsforashes.co.uk) and Peter Rock (www.ecopod.co.uk) - both of whom are experienced and established in the industry - for encouraging my endeavours and being wise sounding boards.  Also thanks are due to the ladies at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground who confirmed my ‘off the wall’ ideas were perhaps not quite as whacky as I’d feared and that yes they are the right size and will make lovely choices.

Stella is a fellow felt-maker who is also expert at coptic binding. Stella has been making the books (some with open spines, some with covered spines) that I had hoped would accompany each of my urns as a gift from me. I am sure you will agree her work is beautiful. Sadly, Stella has had to withdraw from the project, so the books I have are the last ones. Therefore while stocks last you can request a price for an urn with or without a book. Once I find a new bookbinder who can work with felt as well, I will revert to my original plan of offering a book with each vessel.

I am grateful for the expert help of Angela Sanna who is looking after my website so that I can share with you what I hope will be the first of many designs.