Air is a pretty urn made in soft, gentle colours of merino wool, with the addition of silk, bamboo or viscose fibres and a natural cane embellishment stitched with cotton.  The colour mix will vary slightly as each is individually made and thus the patterns formed by the fibres will differ.


Overall height:           approx 37cms

Capacity:                    3+litres ((see notes on choosing the size of your urn)

The purchase price includes a small handmade book for memories or messages and soluble inner bag for ashes, packaging and delivery. Whenever possible I use recycled packaging – please advise if you prefer new wrappings.  Please be sure to keep the wooden closure pieces (if chosen) and the ashes bag out of reach of children for safety reasons.

The little book will be either rectangular or square, depending on paper supplies and either creamy white or will include some pastel shades to match your urn. These books are created by a fellow feltmaker who loves making these coptic-bound books. The spine may be covered or open to show the details of the binding.